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Hush Icontest for Avatar: The Last Airbender
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Yeah, sure, text can make or break your icon... but sometimes, aren't you tired of all the emphasis on text? Good cropping is just as important, as is the application of textures. (I mean, come on, some of those icons are just absolutely mutilated by all those horrid light bubbles gone wrong!) In any case, welcome to Avatar Hush, where the emphasis is all on your cropping, coloring (or lack of coloring, for that matter), and application of textures.

Every week, there will be a new challenge posted. Each challenge consists of three themes: General, Image Provided, and Lyrical. Then, on Friday at 7:00PM PST, a voting post will be made. You have until Sunday at 5:00PM PST to vote. After that, votes will be tallied, and a winners post, hopefully with banners, will be posted around 7:00PM PST.

We hope you enjoy your stay! :) Remember, this is a friendly, non-elitist, low-pressure community. Your main goal isn't to win, but to have fun and grow as an artist. Your mod is helium_icons, who can also be reached at her personal journal, xenoamorist.

♦ Join the community in order to participate (through submitting icons—anyone, even non-members, can vote).

♦ At the moment, you don't need posting access. If ever we need more bannermakers than just myself, posting access will be opened.

DO NOT PLAY MOD. That means: don't delete, screen, freeze, or disable comments. The only time you are allowed to delete a post is if you made an error that you would like to correct. If you would like something hidden or frozen, contact me and I will let you know if I will or will not. Multiple offenses warrant a ban.

All icons must be absolutely textless. That means no tiny text, no large, capital letters, no textures with text on them, no Chinese characters, no text on the original image—anything that can be misconstrued as text will cause me to ask you to edit your icon.

♦ Do not post, use, or otherwise advertise your icon until the challenge is over. Your icon will be disqualified if I catch you doing this; multiple offenses will result in a ban.

♦ Icons with an asterisk (*) by their number are free to snag. You may not take any icons that don't have the asterisk! This is just out of respect for the artist's wishes. :)

♦ As a whole, the Avatar fandom's icon artists are very receptive to criticism. However, in order to respect the artists' wishes, all icons will be color-coded in the voting post with whether or not they would like to receive constructive criticism. If the artist does not want criticism, please respect their wishes and refrain from saying anything about their icon(s).

♦ All icons must be usable on Livejournal: They must be 100x100 or smaller, and 40kB or smaller.

♦ You may submit up to two icons per challenge, and both must be for different themes.

♦ You must make your own icons. That is, do not take anyone else's icon and claim it as your own. Also, just as important, do not follow an icon tutorial step-by-step or make a carbon copy of another winning icon. Finally, do not use bases that someone else created. Doing any of these will cause your icon to be disqualified; multiple offenses will result in a ban. Come on, why not win these challenges with your own creativity? ;)

♦ Icons must be made fresh for each challenge. If you try to reuse an icon, I will ask you to redo it.

No fanart unless you have explicit permission from the artist to use the artwork. If you're using fanart, please include the name of the artist and any contact information (deviantART, art Livejournals, etc.) so that we may properly credit the artist and give him/her some exposure. :)

♦ If you would like to credit anyone or make any notes about your icon, do so in your submission post. The submission post will be unscreened after the challenge.

How to Submit:

URL: http://pics.livejournal.com/helium_icons/pic/0007f4zs
Theme: General
Lyrics: n/a
Snaggable? No
Is constructive criticism okay? Yes
Notes: (Credits, explanations, etc.)

And here's the code for you to copy and paste into your comments (be sure to remove the option that you're NOT choosing!):

♦ Anyone can vote! You don't have to be a member of the community. However, I do check IP addresses and everything, so don't even think about making multiple accounts to vote for yourself. :P Doing so warrants a permanent ban.

♦ Do not vote for yourself, or get others to vote for you.

♦ Do not point out individual icons during voting. You may, however, comment about the entire batch. After voting has concluded, I will add a comment to the entry stating that you may now discuss individual icons. If you are caught pointing out individual icons before voting has concluded, YOUR icon will be disqualified, and your comment(s) will be screened until voting has concluded. It's not fair to the artists who are being singled out if they're being singled out for a negative reason, or to other artists if the icon is being singled out for a positive reason.

♦ For the Best Overall spots, you must vote for different icons for each. You may vote for the same icon again in the theme-specific categories and the special category.

There are six permanent categories for voting. They are:
♦ Best Overall
♦ Second Best Overall
♦ Third Best Overall
♦ Best Interpretation of Theme (General)*
♦ Most Improved from the Original Image (Image)*
♦ Best Adaptation of Lyrics (Lyrical)*
* As long as at least ten icons are in this theme. Number subject to change.

If there are at least 15 entries, there will be a special category, which will be chosen from the following:
♦ Most Creative
♦ Best Icon Composition
♦ Best Coloring
♦ Best Display of Emotions
♦ Theme-Specific (e.g. for a Halloween-themed challenge, "Most Frightening")

Finally, if there are at least 25 entries, there will be a Mod's Choice. :) However, these numbers are subject to change depending on the size of the community.

How are votes calculated?
I use Microsoft Excel (shh, I'm a nerd) to do all my calculations. Each vote for first place is multipled by three points; second, two; and third, one. These points are added together to get the total.

Ties are broken by calculating the icon's first place to total votes ratio. Take this for example:

Icon A and Icon B both have 20 points total.
Icon A has 3 votes for first, 5 for second, and 1 for third.
Icon B has 4 votes for first, 4 for second, and 0 for third.

Therefore, Icon A has a ratio of 3/9 or 0.33, and Icon B has a ratio of 4/8, or 0.5. So Icon B would win. :D

If the first place to total votes ratio is the same, then it gets extended to first and second place to total. If both icons have the same number of votes for each category, then there will be a tiebreaker post.

Past winners can be found using the tags.

The current banner rotation can be found here.

avatarstillness // Non-animated A:tLA icontest.
banner_contest // Weekly contest for bannermaking.
bender_critique // For getting critiques on your Avatar: The Last Airbender-related icons.
hxh_icontest // Hunter x Hunter-themed icontest.
iconbenders // The original A:tLA icontest. All types of icons are welcomed.
pirates_hush // Pirates of the Caribbean hush icontest.
yuna_awards // Icontest featuring Yuna from FFX and FFX-2.

General Icon Communities
_anime_icons_ // For all your anime icon needs :) 1,600 members and growing!

design_schema // Reference community for graphic design, run by icedragoncat.
woeful_aurora // Personal icon journal of theatershadow25.
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