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—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va.

WEEK 23 || results

First Place:

by helium_icons
Oh, wow. I made this icon in, like, two minutes, just to get the numbers up. XD;; Thanks guys! ♥ And a banner would be lovely :DD;

Second Place:

by nintendocat

Third Place:

by cinieme
You know, I didn't realize that this icon had tiny text on it until, like, way late. >_>; Too late now. Lulz.

Congrats! Please comment here if you'd like a banner. Your bannermaker this week is dharmavati; can you make them?

The submissions post has been unscreened. Feel free to use the icons, AS LONG AS you credit the icon artist!

Don't forget to submit for Week 24: Squares; The Cave of Two Lovers; "I've Seen It All"! We currently have 2 lovely submissions, but we could always use more!

- hl
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